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Jardin fleuri


Whether public or private the parks and gardens of the Vendee Valley are open to everyone.

Each garden is different…. Landscape, vegetable or à la française …and contributes to the natural heritage of the region. Well known to locals these treasures can be visited by one and all !

Not to be missed !

Potager et jardin à la française de la ChabotterieThe Logis de la Chabotterie Gardens

Restored in 1900, there are two different environments, separated by a central well. Near to the manor house, there is a very pleasant garden with flowers beds and box wood hedges. On the Park side, a vegetable patch garden mingles with numerous flowers. This French style garden opens out into the park and bcome a perspective point from the long bridle path. The logis de la Chabotterie Gardens

The Jardin de la cure

This original terraced garden offers an exceptional view over the Sèvre nantaise valley. Restored to their original layout – the garden has a Mediterranean influence combining fountains, steps and ponds creating a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. The vegetable garden contains numerous medicinal plants and herbs. Different activities including exhibits, concerts and shows are organized throughout the season.

Le Parc du Château de la Flocellière

The Park has several different areas: a medieval garden, an interesting Italian garden and a romantic English style park with majestic trees.

Parc de L'Auneau

Le Parc de L'Auneau

A remarkable Tuscan style garden. The old garden wall is trellised with roses evoking a more English style.


Jardins de la Maison de la Vie Rurale, with its vegetable garden

Take the chance to discover the natural heritage and history behind the vendeen landscape. Learn about the various natural gardening techniques, forgotten vegetables and the local French know how which makes all the difference.   The garden is open from April to October.

The Garden of Prieuré Saint Pierre in Réaumur

This park has retained its terraces stretching out towards the dales and lakes. An invitation for a bucolic walk ! Le Jardin du Prieuré Saint-Pierre à Réaumur





Jardins du Prieuré à Réaumur
Jardin fleuri
Douve dans le jardin potager

Parc du Landreau in Les Herbiers

Tots & toddlers Play it safe!

The park designed with families in mind has paths and trails (3-4 kms) whixh are accessible by pushchairs. Children's playgrounds, sport trails - only 5 minutes from the center of les Herbiers. Great for a stop off point !!

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