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Natural History

cormorans City of birds

The city of birds

The bird reserve “Cité des Oiseaux” covers 56 hectares.  A natural haven for breeding wild fowl and birds of prey, it is also an important stop off point for migrating birds. Two observations points allow visitors to observe and identify numerous species.

On some days more than 2000 birds can be seen nesting around the lakes.

Maison de la rivière

(The river water mill)

The Maison de la Riviere is a former water mill which has been fully restored and is set in a natural reserve of over 5 hectares. Discover various fun exhibits which explain the surrounding natural eco system. The visitors centre provides an interactive guide specially adapted for children. Why not take a relaxing excursion by a flat bottomed punt, or explore the many nature trails on foot.

Panoramic views

During your visit to Vendée Valley, various panoramas and exceptional viewing points allow you to see for miles and miles over the undulating landscape of the "Bocage".

The Bocage meadows lined with hedges, where rivers have formed winding valleys, and hills... spreading out from Mont des Alouettes to Pouzauges, and then onto Saint Michel Mont Mercure (common Sèvremont)...

View point from Mont des Alouettes

At 232m above sea level the Mont des Alouettes, near the Puy du fou®, is one of the highest points in the Vendée and offers a spectacular view over the rest of the surrounding hills. Constructed during the 16th century, only two of the eight original windmills remain, one of which is in perfect working order.

View point from Saint Michel Mont Mercure

Saint Michel Mont Mercure is the highest community in the Vendée. The most spetacular view point is from the top of the church tower rising to over 290m above sea level. Accessible via its staircase of 199 steps, it's well worth the climb to admire the surrounding countryside. The church tower's surmounted by the statue of the archangel St Michel which was fully restored in Septembre 2013. An orientation table can be found near the church


The windmill of The Mont des Alouettess
Archange Saint-Michel-Mont-Mercure
Vue du clocher de St Michel Mont Mercure

Sitting on the top of world…

Geologically the Vendée Valley is situated on the Armorican* massif , better known in the Brittany region . This massif is connected to Dover on the British side of the Channel and its movement has controlled the geography on both side of the channel.

Due to the effects of this massif, today’s undulating landscape offers a variety of panoramas from where you can see for miles and miles over the hills and valleys.

Did you know ?

*The toponym Armorica or Aremorica is based on the Gaulish phrase (*are-mor-ika ) which literally means "Place by the Sea".

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